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In fact, you don’t have to be alone at doing it either. Start with your friends and family members so everyone can play along.

Scenario Time!

Let’s say your friend and you just discovered the greatest online app there is. Both of you want to spread the world about it so more people will use it. After all, it is so awesome.

Now let’s say that you can also make money every time someone downloads that app. That means not only will the person discover the most awesomest app ever, but you will make a buck as well.

Your friend on the other hand thinks its a bad idea and refuses to take the money. He wants to spread the word about the app without any rewards. Just thinks the app is too good for this.

While what your friend is doing might seem noble, in the online world it really isn’t. You see, your friend would be able to reach only a handful of people he knows.

While you could use the money you’re earning to market the app even further. You can buy ads on facebook, have SEO done for it, share it with other marketers and so on.

In the end you will have more motivation to spread the app, and thanks to the money you will also have the means. Your friend on the other hand would have no money and not too many shares.

This is why affiliate marketing is so important in the online world.

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